"I was on the Special Talents tab yesterday and watched the introduction video on the home page – I am so impressed with the facility for the talent show! I don’t know what I was expecting but it gave me chills to see it. I showed it to Mike so he could see the stage he would be dancing on! Mike and I watched the 2010 show – how moving! It brought me to tears. What a wonderful thing you and your team are doing! It takes my breath away – really. I can’t sufficiently express my gratitude for this opportunity for Mike. I have been looking for something like this for a very long time. No matter how he does in the talent show I know this will be a dream come true for him."

-Christine Betka

"Special Talents was an event beyond words. As a North Central Alum, I have only seen Wentz Hall filled to capacity one other time. ONE! I remember looking around and not being able to see any seats empty. There were people standing in the side aisle just to watch these extraordinary kids. I was moved beyond words and was so up lifted to see so many people, young and old, come together to speak in the language of music. These children have taken their gifts and shown the world that no matter the challenges a single being may face, we are all one in music."

-A. Gardiner
Naper Nuts and Sweets, INC.

"It was such a pleasure to see the pure joy and excitement on the participants faces as they shared their talent!  Kudos to organizers, and a special shout out to the celebrities for their time and effort."

-Alla Furman

"Being a part of the audience for the Special Talents show in November was heartwarming.  This extraordinary event was remarkable and inspirational...allowing the special needs participants to share their talent.  For one night, these amazing people forgot about their everyday struggles, performed to a packed house and felt like superstars.  The music brought them all together, and I was absolutely shocked at the talent.  I will definitely be attending future shows, and I'll be bringing a crowd with me."

-Elina Trakhtenberg

"The Special Talents show was an exhilarating experience!  The sheer joy of the performers was a delight to watch.  Their talent far exceeded my expectations.  The people responsible for organizing this event should be commended.  It was a memorable evening, and I look forward to the next show."

-Al Howlett

"Attending the Special Talents night was so moving!  It was such an uplifting experience to see so many children and young adults with special needs AND amazing talent.  The evening was incredible, and I can't wait to attend the next show.  I have a lot to learn from these inspirational individuals."

-Kristi Giangrego

"Sure glad I wasn't one of the judges.  What an impossible task to choose a winner among all of that talent.  I'll confess I did not know what to expect from performing artists with special needs other than I was sure I'd be inspired.  That doesn't tell half the tale!  These people really kicked it, and I'm so glad I was able to witness it".

-Joe Dunlap

"I think entertainers work long and hard to evoke emotion in the audience.  Sometimes laughter; sometimes tears.  Sometimes silence so as not to miss a note; sometimes foot-stomping, hand clapping noise.  Well, each and every one of the performers, those with special needs and the celebrity guests, gave me a welcome roller coaster of emotion."

-Brenda Calhoun

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